Trophies And Competitions



Annesley Cup Presented by Gerald F Annesley, the Annesley Cup Competition was the premier Match Play competition in the Club. It used to be Match Play throughout with a 36 hole final.

Scratch Cup Presented by D Wilson Smyth is now the premier Stroke Play Competition in the Club. It, too used to be Match Play with a 36 hole final. Both of the above trophies are referred to in a previous chapter.

Wadsworth Trophy A Silver Claret Jug presented by the late Fred Wadsworth, founder of the well known fashion shop. Fred was a founder member & trustee and was elected Captain in 1958.

Originally the competition was foursomes match-play throughout with partners drawn - one from the low handicap bracket & the other from the high handicap bracket - hence the designation Tiger & Rabbit Competition.

McManus Cup Presented by the late Jack McManus, an auctioneer and owner of Ye Olde Bar. His greatest claim to fame in Mourne, however, is that he was the father of Brian McManus, one of early Mourne’s golfing Greats. The competition was always stroke.

Wallace Cup Presented by Stanley Whyte in memory of the golfing Wallaces who spread the gospel of golf far and wide in Ireland. (see Chapter I) the competition was always Stroke Play on the No. 2 Course.

The Bertie & Harry Speedy Cup Presented by the late Harry Speedy - the elder of the two golfing dentists. Bertie was a competent low handicapper while Harry distinguished himself more as a Thespian with Newcastle Amateur Dramatic Society. On Berties’ death the Speedy family invested a sum of money to provide an Annuity to augment the prize list. The competition was always Qualifying & Match play.

Quinn Cup Presented by Miss A Quinn of Loughinisland in memory of her brother Paddy Quinn - an early and much respected member of Mourne.

As well as being a Councillor he was also a botanist, an astronomer, a radio ham and a watch maker. He had a ready wit and a great love for card playing. He and his great friend Jimmy McCormick formed the backbone of the Rummy School, the 45 School and the Solo School. His nephew, Pat Rodgers was Hon. Treasurer of Mourne Golf club for almost 30 years. His wife was a sister of the golfing Wallaces.

Donard Nursery Cup Presented by the late Leslie Slinger, owner of the Donard Nursery which won world wide fame for its Escallonias.

Leslie was Captain in 1954. The Cup was originally played for on the newly laid Putting Green but was later transferred to the No. 1 Course & played for as a four ball under the Sunningdale Handicapping System.

King Cup Presented by the late Hugh King for veterans of 55+. Match play throughout on the No 2 Course. Hugh King was Captain in 1953 and captained the successful Junior Cup Team at Portmarnock in 1959.

His son Hugo was Honorary Treasurer of the Club for four years until 1996 and was Club Captain in 2005.

Chelsea Trophy Presented by Dr. V J Sterling was also for veterans - this time for those of 60 plus. The competition was always eclectic played on the No 2 Course.

Dr. Sterling retired to Newcastle from his practice in Dromore and became a generous and supportive member.

McVeigh Greensomes Presented by O S Brown in memory of his great friend Bill McVeigh.

Orby Brown came from Portadown and struck up a friendship with Bill who called him by his proper name Orby. Everyone else, unused to the name Orby called him Aubrey and eventually convinced Bill that he was wrong.

Later when the rest of the club discovered Orby’s right name, they changed but Bill continued to call him Aubrey until death intervened and took Bill, depriving Mourne of one of its most popular characters.

Mourne Trophy Made and presented by Brownlow McClean

Brownlow was Captain in 1970 and represented the club at every level in the low handicap range.

Employing his skill as a woodwork teacher in Down High School he fashioned and mounted a replica of a club head. The inset in the face of the club is made from the following timbers Mahogany, Oak, Utile, Ramin, Nargusta and Elm. The initial letters of which spell Mourne hence the title Mourne Trophy.

The competition has always been Stableford.

McKeown Cup Presented by the late Dr. W McKeown, a retired serviceman. Dr. McKeown was a member of Royal County Down Golf Club and a local Urban Councillor.

He presented the Cup based on the design of the Ardagh Chalice for Open Competition in Mourne Golf Club, sponsored by the Urban council.

The competition was always Medal Play and attracted a big entry every year. The McKeown Cup day later expanded into the Open Week we know to-day.

Golfer of the Year Rosebowl presented by M F Sawey. Like many another, Michael felt guilty because he never allowed his name to go forward as a Councillor and future Captain. By way of salving his conscience about not fulfilling his full potential as a member he presented the Rosebowl and supplied the formula upon which the points system is based.