The Club Badge


In 1975 the Hon. Secretary, S Keenan included on the agenda of a council meeting the idea of a Club Flag and Club Badge.

At the inception of the Club, the Art department of the local technical school submitted a design based on the name of the Club, depicting an outline of the Mournes in purple against the pale blue background of the sky. Viewed close up the drawing was quite reasonable but at the top of the flagpole the mountains looked like a dirty water stain on a faded cloth. It was rarely flown.

When asked for proposals for a design, the members had many ideas but none of them had majority support in Council. Castles were rejected as too hackneyed. The McEvoy crest was rejected as being too personalised and unfair to the other founding fathers. The Magennis crest - the boar in the bulrushes - was also rejected as not aesthetically pleasing.

Our commissioned artist Bobby Wallace was rapidly becoming frustrated as commissioned submission after commissioned submission was rejected. Finally he submitted his own design through the good offices of Michael King.

W. Haughton-Crowe (a descendant, perhaps, of the W. Haughton whose poems feature largely in the R.C.D. Centenary Book) had written a poem about the Newcastle area which included the lines

“Would I were in Morna’s Land The kindly land of Mourne Where seagulls screen the mackerel sky”
The seagull design based on the poem passed round the members without dissent and became the emblem of Mourne.

In 1995, a modification of design by Paul Gallagher was condoned by Council and is the emblem now on sale on Mourne Sportswear in the local professional shop.